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[RunUO 1.0 Final/2.0 RC1] Sleepable Beds


Account Terminated
Updated beds, fixed Z displacement that happened when you woke up, revised positioning of sleeping body on most beds, added small beds and both types of elven beds, added security so that a bed can only be doubleclicked by an owner, coowner or friend inside the house the bed is in.

Just download and overwrite existing files.

I didn't serialize a version change but the changes shouldn't make your server want to remove a sleepable bed if you have them in game already.


Love it. :) Made a few modifications/enhancements myself (which are mostly backwards compatible with the old script by setting a few variables). I've contacted ssalter if he'd be interested in seeing them and maybe adding them to his scripts.

If anyone's curious drop me a message. I'd rather not post them here and hijack his script release when all I did was add a bit of code, seems tactless.

Still, great work, great script. :)


Cant use it?

I have runuo 2rc1, and i downloaded the scipt w/o the futton and pasted it in my custom script folder and nothing happens when i hit [add sleep? i can't find it? please help.. thx


Didnt work?

I have runuo 2 rc1 and i downloaded the sleep script placed it into my custom folder restarted, but could not find the beds when i searched, under [add sleep? any suggestions? thank you
make sure you have a space in there

if you placed the .cs files in your custom directory it should come up with a list of items that have the word sleep in their name

[add *space* sleep

Mo Khan

PUBLIC sleepable beds...

this is such a cool script...however, I wanted to use them in my Inns, so I modded the two small elven sleepers to be used outside of a house. I am including them here for anyone who may desire this "public" application on their shard. All Credit goes to the original scripter. Thanks for this one!


  • SleeperElvenEWPublic.cs
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  • SleeperElvenSouthPublic.cs
    6.7 KB · Views: 124


cant get it to work?

I try and place the download, into my custom folder, and then i restart? but when i type [add sleep. nothing comes up?


umm , can someone tell em how 2 install this script and tell me what to do to get it all up to date and un exploitable please? thanks .. im really new.. and ive been looking for addons , so if someone culd put the up to date version of the bed in here so i can copy to note pad thnx :)
You will need to have a file called custom inside of your scripts files. Once you have adeed the file's and then reboot your system. Then all that you need to do is type [add Slee (thats what I do) and then select them from the menu.



;) But...what will happen:
1, When I talk,or use spells, or some one use "DetectingHidden" when I am sleeping.
2, How about player destory his own bed when he is sleeping?

1 : No idea yet, frozen?
2 : I amend the variable "bool m_Sleeping" to a function:

		private bool [COLOR="DarkOrange"]m_Sleeping [/COLOR]()
			return  ( m_SleeperBedBody != null && !m_SleeperBedBody.Deleted);


and move other script about "awake" to "SleeperBedBody.cs"
When the bed destoryed. They can awake from the object "SleeperBedBody".

:eek: :eek: Easy to be understood ? I am bad at English,sorry.


OK well here is a little something to go with this system. I modded my craftable coffins/caskets/sarcophagus.
with these the sleeping body is hidden so it seems they are sleeping inside them. They work the same as the beds just dbl click the coffin to either sleep or awaken. just drop them in the custom folder with the sleepable bed folder. Hope you all enjoy. thanks for the great system.


  • Sleepable
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Sleepable bed with hueable sheets and untidy art :)

Hehe, I will try to describe this.

I took the sleepable bed and made it untidy after you slept in it so that you need to use a clean sheet on it before being able to sleep in it again.The sheets are hueable and will also hue the bed on use...
I commented out the houseowner part. But it is still in.

Tell me what you think, ssalter :)


  • SpecialSleeperEW.rar
    4.1 KB · Views: 132


Little Bug :/

#1 - Had a player recall while sleeping, leaving his snoring body on the bed.
#2 - THEN he customized his house with his other player, leaving the one he recalled out of bed with stuck - body on bed and on login , his player was of course unable to move.

Had to delete the sleeping body and set him to CanWalk, but I'm sure this is an easy thing to avoid, I just dont have the time to work on that right now and figured someone elase might want to post a fix :]