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[RunUO 1.0 Final/2.0 RC1] Sleepable Beds


I'm giving you guys an A+ for effort here. I love the little details that dont really affect gameplay, but just make the gameworld a little brighter. dont get discuraged over all of the glitches! writing up things that are completely new always end up full of problems that no one thought of before. if you take the time to go over each issue, everything will work out in the end. then you'll be able to hand out scripts to amaze us all, and earn yourself a newbie (and not so newbie) fan club. hazzah. its exactly the same as what Run UO went through when they released all of the beta versions prior to version 1.0.


Small addition to the sleepable ebds

I have a small, pointless, but "cute" addition here. Sleepable furs. :D
All credit where its due. This was just an idea on a shard I staff on, I would item ID change a sleeper futon. This however is a script for them. Hope you like.


  • SleeperFurEW.JPG
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  • SleeperFurNS.JPG
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  • SleeperFurEW.cs
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  • SleeperFurNS.cs
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Does it looks corrent in those beds? i think death position doesnt work very well for sleeping in beds :( it always goes over from some spots.


And I was thinking... I make gumps, but I'm no scripter X3 It's so easy just to make one gump, is it possible to make an extra poseble for your avatar (aka another "Dead" position) and use that with the character's same hue, hair, facial hair, and that's it, to either have them sleep naked or just have their heads on the pillows so it looks like their under the blankets? I'm actually thinking of just making the head thing and maybe the coffin positions if it's do-able. Thanks :D


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This is crashing my shard every time a player go to sleep in a bed, i have added in just this first download and also the edit for the timeron page 3 in the last few posts, why would this be crashing server whn i go to sleep in the beds Admin & Player Characters get this happening to them.
no crash report at all, so unfortunately i couldnt try this one myself or even give you guys some thing to work with.