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[RunUO 1.0 Final/2.0 RC1] Tmss 3.0


[RunUO 1.0 Final/2.0 RC1] Tmss 3.0

No further improvements are being made on this system. It is unsupported. 860 dls before EOL.



Current Version:
v3.0.3r6 (END OF LIFE)

Giving the best Skill Stones, Balls, Gates, Tickets, and other solutions to your startup process of any system on RunUO.


After many hours/days/months of work, I am pleased to bring you the Third version of my skill and stat system.

New features include:
Profiles - Set up different profiles for different races, limit skills and stats for different profiles.

New Gumps - Brighter, wider, and easier to read, the new TMSS gumps are the most easy-to-use gumps yet. Skills are now in alphabetical order, and easy to select, using either a checkbox paradigm, or a text box paradigm, with a maximum sum.

Control Center - Well, for starters, it works. Then there's the fact that it might be a revolution in gump design. (Players won't's the code that counts :p)

The Basics:

What's this?
TMSS 3 is primarily a start system for shards that wish to give new players a certain skill or stat level at start. It can also be used to give veterans (and players in general) several bonuses related to skills. TMSS 3 is also the successor to the popular TM SkillStat System 2. It is a highly improved, greatly debugged system. The system also allows you a lot more flexibility in what you want to do with TMSS.​

Why use TMSS 3.0?

TMSS is the only system currently available that allows admins to implement skill & stat setting for both the new player and the veteran, while keeping a wide array of options open to each shard. TMSS is easy to tailor to your shard, with options for only allowing new players to use it, allowing new and old players to use it from different portions of the system, and for giving out skills and stats as rewards.​
What can I do with TMSS 3.0?
TMSS 3.0 allows you to administrate a shard-wide system for the rapid setting of skills and stats. The system's settings can easily be changed to fit your shard's needs, whether the shard is PvP, PvM, RP, or any custom format. If you need something for your shard that TMSS does not offer (related to skills and stats), feel free to ask me for it.
System Key Features:
  • Fast & Easy Deployment
  • Robust Options
  • Easy - to - Use
  • Expandable
  • Lightning Support
  • Customizable to fit any shard's style of play.
  • Requests Honored
Current Application Extensions: (See Post 2)
  • Skill-checking moongate. Don't let them bother you after they leave the start zone.
  • Skill Gates. Don't like Skill Stones? S'ok. Use the Skill Gates.
  • Skill Balls. Don't like Either of the others? Use Skill Balls.
  • Standalone Tickets: Tickets that do not need a skillstone, and are simply serialized to a player.

Download the .zip of your choice appended to this post. Remove any TMSS 1.0 or 2.x files you may have on your shard, and then unzip the files in the .zip into your "custom" directory. Saves will not carry over from 2.x.​

Patching: Overwrite the previous files with the new files. Do not attempt to merge them, unless you have made significant modifications to TMSS 3. Note that modified files are not supported.​


This script is no longer supported. For support, you must use TMSS 4.

Credits (where it is due!):
I would like to thank the following people (by alpha):

For help and support on v3.0!
A_Li_N -- Helping me with my SkillProfiles.
arul -- trying to help me with disappearing items.
Erica -- finding several bugs in my implementations.
orpheus -- suggesting an improvement to the SkillGumps.
Phantom -- bounce-idea-off-er.
Scripture -- finding every bug known to man :p.
TheOutkastDev -- helping me with my compiler get-around.
For help and support on v2.1
FainneRoisin -- lending me her power adapter.
A_Li_N -- helping me unkink my brain on arrays.
Phantom -- allowing me to totally rip the Giga Spawner save file.

For help and support on v2.0
ArteGordon -- technical stuff
daat99 -- input and technical stuff
Khaz -- for input and support
M. King -- input & inspiration for some of the options.
Phantom -- input and helping RunUO forums members since...when.

For help and support on v1.0
jjarmis -- technical stuff
sirenssong -- technical stuff

v's 1, 2, & 3
Kokushibyou -- input, critiquing, mental support


Color codes:
[UR] = Update Required.
[UR] = Update Recommended.

12.12.05: Incorrect settings in distro. Thanks, Erica. (v3.0.0r1)
12.13.05: Skill Gump allowed for more than the maximum number of skills. Thanks, Erica. (v3.0.0r2)
12.18.05: Skill Profiles not loading correctly, due to Custom Skills plugin. (v3.0.0r3)
1.6.06: Skill Gump apply methods revamped & simplified. (v3.0.0r4)
1.13.06: SKILL PROFILES FINISHED! Other minor tweaks. See release post. (v3.0.0r5) [final beta]
1.15.06: Bugfix and cleanup release. Bugs in Profiles and Profile application fixed. (v3.0.1) Thanks, Scripture & orpheus.
1.15.06: Bugfix and cleanup release. Bugs in accessing profile gumps fixed...I hope. (v3.0.1r1) Thanks, slithers.
1.19.06: Major Bugfix release. [UR] (v3.0.2)
1.20.06: Minor Bugfix release. SkillCapTickets work. (v3.0.2r1)
1.23.06: Major Bugfix release. [UR] (v3.0.3)
1.24.06: Minor Bugfix release. (v3.0.3r1)
1.26.06: Minor SkillTicket Hotfix release. [UR] Thanks, devilstail (v3.0.3r1)
1.26.06: Minor release to fix incorrect display in control center. [UR] Thanks, Scripture & DrakeSoulburner. (v3.0.3r2)
2.2.06: Minor release to fix incorrect gump display with stat gumps turned off. [UR] Thanks, Scripture. (v3.0.3r3)
2.5.06: Major release to change some internals. Note that the new Skill Balls plugin will not work without this update. [UR](v3.0.3r4)
4.5.06: 350 downloads of 3.0.3!
4.28.06: Minor release to fix profile gump missing last page of inputs. [UR] Thanks, Padriac. (v3.0.3r5)
5.1.06: 450 downloads of 3.0.3!
5.1.06: Minor release to fix profile selector gump selectively disappearing! [UR] Thanks, Padriac. (v3.0.3r5)
5.1.06: Major Bugfix release. [UR] Thanks, Padriac. (v3.0.3r6)
6.13.06: 637 downloads of v3.0.3r6. Download count reset due to move.
4.2.08:Script reactivated (RunUO 1.0 only) :confused: by popular demand. Still not supported.

License: This script is licensed under the GPL.

The only version currently released is for RunUO 1.0. It will not compile or run on RunUO 2.0*


  • TMSS -
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  • TMSS - 3.0.3
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So. I thought about posting the How-To right here. But it's 13 pages long (typed). it is:

System How-To

Profile How-To


Skill Gates and Skill Balls do not work for RunUO 2. Please download those in post #3 for RunUO 2.

Parallel Skills - Separate Thread
Skill Gates - Use a profile to rapidly set skills.
Skill Check Moongate - Make sure a player has a certain level of skill before leaving the start area.
DebugTMSS - A debug file generator.
Skill Balls - Skill Balls for use as a skill stone replacement. Requires TMSS 3.0.3r4+ to run.


Additional Plugins for RunUO 2 appended here!


  • SkillBalls.cs
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  • SkillGates.cs
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Does the 'Profile' portion allow for use of a soulstone? Meaning, can players store an entire maxed out profile if they have enough soulstones and then change profiles?

Also, is this a working system on 2.0 now?

Oh yah, and is there a way to force players to use the profile system?


@Iomega - No, prolly not. Working on TMSS4...

@DI - I honestly have no idea what you're saying for the first part. Then again it's 4:30am. I believe that this is a working system under 2.0. Try it, and if it breaks, I'll fix it. And I dunno what you're saying for the last part, either.
Yes, I will try it (thank you). I will test the part about the soulstones but am still wondering if I can require profiles to be used on my shard, that is to say, if I install this system can I eliminate the "gimp" template by requiring all players to choose a profile? I.E. No more warriors with just enough Necro skill (70) plus jewelry (30) to cast vampiric embrace or other templates like that.


you can create multiple profiles for whatever people need to have. Methinks gates might be a good option for you -- make a profile, then the players just walk through.


You weren't a registered member when 1.0 came out :p...and it wasn't called this, either...

Anyhow. 3.0 has been out since late last year. 2.0 was out midsummer last year.


Sorry to bring this back to life, but since I am still using 1.0 is there any way to get the latest version of TMSS 3.0, I would PM you but you have it set to where I can't lol


Why're you still on 1.0? :confused:. The answer to your question is "yes, you can have it, but I'm not supporting it." If you're OK with that, I'll dig it out of the deep archives on my HDD and send it to you.

(You can PM me now, btw)

Edit 2: Actually, I'm not sure I have it anymore :confused:. I have a 3.0.3 folder, but it might not be right...meh.

We'll find out, I suppose.


Yeah I have yet to move over to 2.0 and kinda want to wait until the final version is released.. Whenever that may be lol, do you think I should convert? I have like 5K custom scripts.. It's one of those reasons I have yet to move over..

Also thank you for putting it back up for us 1.0 users ;)