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[RunUO 2.0 RC1] Advance Skill Gate


Advance Skill Gate

A skill Gate-
Have Fun

This isa Realy good Script and i suggest you use it you can edit the skills u need to by double clickng the gate. I hope you like this Script


  • AdvancedPlayerGate.cs
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thx for you works

thx for you works, :D i happy, sorry for my english is very bad. i form argentina.

gracias por tu trabajo , :D soy feliz, lo siento por mi ingles es muy malo, yo soy de la argentina :D
bummer trying to use this on 2.2 in custom scripts misc items and it works (kinda) i get a list of all skills getting uped then the consol reboots doesnt even throw the error (or its too fast) any suggestions?
i know its old thread :(


Check the runuo.exe folder, there is a log in there with the crash details if there is one.


I wonder what to do so after a new player uses the skill ball, the other skills not chosen remain as they were instead of going back to 0.
I am using this on the Final Repack 2.0