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[RunUO 2.0 RC1] BaseSpecialCreature


Summoning Troubles.

Awesome script but im a complete newb and having some trouble getting the "SummoningType" to work, im assuming thats what monster it summons but if i put
public override Type SummoningType { get { return Lizardman; } }
It gives me the following error

 + Customs/Lizardman King.cs:
      CS0118: Line 15: 'Server.Mobiles.Lizardman' is a 'type' but is used like a ' varible'
Any help given will be deeply appreciated


This system is beautiful and a lifesaver. Is there anyway to use this system to have the creature teleport next to the attacker(player) when the player gets more then 2 squares away?


I also am having issues with the Summoningtype. does it want a type maybe, such as undead? or a name like Orc or OgreLord? eitherway I cant get it to work, which sadden's me. Ok it does't, but none-the-less, please help.


One of my favorit citter is Tiamat...

"Tiamat is the name of a powerful draconic goddess in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game[2]. The name is taken from Tiamat, a goddess in ancient Mesopotamian mythology who is substantially different (and does not have multiple heads).

Tiamat is a queen and mother of evil dragons and a member of the default pantheon of D&D gods[4]. Her symbol is a five-headed dragon[3]. Tiamat was also named as one of the greatest villains in D&D history in Dragon #359"


Mad Clown

ok got a ? im new to scripting and a bit confused here is a script im useing

using System;
using Server.Items;
using System.Collections; // needed for ArrayList
using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace Server.Mobiles
	[CorpseName( "a crafting union leader corpse" )]
	public class MasterOfTheArts : BaseSpecialCreature //make it use the creature files/settings
        public override bool DoesTripleBolting { get { return true; } }
        public override double TripleBoltingChance { get { return 0.250; } }
        public override bool DoesTeleporting { get { return true; } }
        public override double TeleportingChance { get { return 0.225; } }

        public static TimeSpan TalkDelay = TimeSpan.FromSeconds( 5.0 ); //the delay between talks is 10 seconds
		public DateTime m_NextTalk;

is these lines all i need to add to make him do them attacks or is there something else im a bit confused

Mad Clown

could use some help my drago uses the firebreath works fine but even at 10% its instant death even on my gm and anything under 10% does no damage can someone please help me dial this damage down

Mad Clown

haveing an issue with the teleport and drain life dragging players from the entrance of a dungeon even several levels down like destard from the ent to the 3rd level instantly its set for region how can this be changed to be targets in range like 20 tiles anyone please


Just seeing if anyone has come up with a good solution for the energy bolt and teleport issues. I am going live with this script in days, and looking at the script it does not seem like there should be any problems, but I see these reports and get a lil worried.

as for the percentage thing on the multifirebreath, all I did was change how it worked. Instead of going
base *(pecent / 10) which was almost always coming out to be base * 1, I turned it into base / percentage, leaving the wording exactly the same but making it so it does damage/percent. simple fix, not professional by any means, but works.

But anyways, any input on the other issues would be great. I haven't had them myself, but I am testing alone and since these problems have shown up and file is still original, I am going to assume that they CAN happen. Thanks for input if any.