[RunUO 2.0 RC1]Mystic Crafting

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    [RunUO 2.0 RC1] Mystic Crafting

    Please not that this system requires Lucid's All Spells System Installed. I am unsure if OWLTR is required though, as I created this long ago, I recently updated it.

    Mystic Crafting is a custom crafting system that I created in my spare time.

    There are many ways to gain reagents for this crafting system, it uses default ones, and custom ones. Some custom ones are attainable through the Five Elemental Spirits, and Unicorns. The final type is gained using the [soulgrab command on corpses. There are two types of souls, "Power Souls" and "Souls".

    There are many things you will craft using this system. Ranging from Medallions, to Armor, to weapons, to a new thing I call "Seals". These 'Seals' are single use scrolls, no spellbook, that are used to cast immensely powerful spells. These spells range from healing, to all out destruction.

    All credit goes to the creator of the old Artifact Crafting, and Lucid for his great All Spells system. I am simply an editor, I am no amazing scriptor. If I forgot someone to credit, then I am sorry, I created this long ago. But all credit goes to the people I based system off of, and the great help I got from a few people. Credit also goes to the one who Created the missing spells, which I do not own anymore. I forgot his name, sorry bud!

    I am the original creator of this, I recently found the time to update. I was depressed, so I did not feel like I was up to anything, but I updated it, so I hope you enjoy! ^_^

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    Very cool!! anything with crafting is always a cool thing on the shard...!!! gonna get this incorperated... I guess its time to put in Lucids all spell system hehehe!
    thanks again

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