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[Runuo 2.0 RC1-RC2 Rus / Eng ] Full sleeping system от NewUO

Pure Insanity

Has anyone fully translated this to English yet? I would love to add it to my shard, mainly just the sleeping part...I have the homestead system in my shard that does the thirst and hunger part. May mod that out and drop this in if I don't have to translate it all to English.


And why did you yourself do not translate? It's not that difficult. Why is the creator system should translate to all?


Not that it really means anything because the point of RunUO is to share modifications of other peoples scripts but....

This is the original Sleepable Beds: (In English)
This is my rendition of Sleepable Beds: (In English)
And this is the original Thirst and Hunger Script: (In English)