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[RUNUO 2.0] These RatMens are Thieves !!

I love the idea - loads of possibilities here. However, I'm having some trouble getting the system to work.. it compiles fine and I can [add hordeofrats without issue. After that, though, the rats never appear. I've tried three or four different locations in dense forests with no success.

It seems like I'm overlooking something simple.. is it plug and play? Do I need to tweak it to somehow activate the system? Thanks for the great ideas and for any help you can give me.



Look lines 53/54 and try with false values for AlwaysNearARoad for example... Maybe your location is too far from road tiles.

And don't forget that the rats could be spawned at 200 tiles from the hord spawner...

Hope it helps ;o)
Ahhh I misunderstood the 200 tile range part.. I thought the rats would spawn on any player within the horde's range. This works great though - thanks for the immediate response!


i tried to change the alwaysneararoad and alwaysinaforest to false so that maybe they will stay right were i put them but they still dont the spawner gets deleted how do i stop it from getting deleted