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RunUO 2.1 Released


RunUO Founder
Staff member
We're pleased to announce the release of RunUO 2.1.

SVN revison 605 will be the release point for 2.1. Development will continue in the same tree for our next release.

The download links can are as follows:

RunUO 2.1
RunUO 2.1 for Mono
RunUO 2.1 Source Code

Change log:
- Summon Familiar spell was checking base necromancy skill. Now it checks the actual necromancy skill, as per OSI
- Incognito spell won't change gender anymore
- Abyss Champion spawn has Greater Mongbats in tier 1 instead of Mongbats
- BOD books won't return to page 1 anymore when picking or dropping BODs
- Added Plague Beast Lords with relative puzzle; Plague Beasts release healty glands
- Arch Cure area effect will follow OSI rules in Felucca facet
- Solen Ants Holes can spawn randomly in forest
- Death Robes will decay after 60 seconds from dropping on the ground
- Weapon speeds are indicated in seconds of delay

Added IDevourable for PlaugeBeast and any other creatures that devour corpses.
Corpses no longer have booleans all over the place, I converted the main variables to CorpseFlag
Added something to the Repair when deeds are deleted it'll also send a message in regards to repairing
Added OnBefore and OnAfter Convert/Unconvert for Paragon which is used in PlaugeBeast... Basically if the plauge beast is a paragon, then the devour corpse total will increase.
Refactor IDevourable to IDevourer, as the interface represents an entity that consumes corpses, and not the entity being consumed.
Refactor PlagueBeast to not require additional API by handling the devour goal increase in the property directly.

Correct poor design in LampController constructor.
Too much errors in Guardian Room, it is deleted to leave place for a new one.
Replaced Doom Lever Puzzle with a new one.
fixed a little glitch in Lever Puzzle

Resolve: Damage can potentially modify the collection during the enumeration.
- You can't anymore place castles or keeps in Malas facet

- Unfilled commodity deeds now carry the etching "Unfilled"

- Empty scrolls can be deeded in a commodity deed

- Dying tubs, if locked down, can allow security level choices

- Changes in Energy Vortex skills: they'll have 120 wrestling (it was 100) and 100 tactics (it was 90)

- Wooden Footlockers now show the correct container gump

- Changes to Interior Decorator (still not includes the fix to turn paragon chests):
--> single item addons can be raised/lowered
--> the gump stays visible until target is cancelled
--> target won't be cancelled automatically when the decorator is used on a target

- Doom Lever Puzzle item list changed to generics

- Morphed forms will check now the current skill level: the morph effect is lost if skill level goes under the minimum required.

- Mage NPC vendors now buy necro scrolls; the price of scrolls got tweaked (= raised) to match OSI

- You can't anymore discord NPC vendors

- Removing a rune from runebook won't change the default rune set

- Various runebook security changes (see link for the list)

- You can't use the Sacrifice virtue while hidden

- Added the Deceit Brazier: doubleclicking it will summon a random "britannian" monster (check [props for delays)

- Casting spells will raise also the secondary skill associated (example: Necro and SpiritSpeak)

- Word of Death changes:
--> the "pitful damage" is much powerful now
--> you have to bring the target health below (5*arcanefocus)% to strike the powerful blast of 300 chaos damage
--> the damage is influenced by SDI

- Teleporters generated by [telgen got corrected for the Wrong dungeon
DeceitBrazier total cleanup.
oops forgot light circle =)
Dumb BOM
Final Deceit Brazier for OSI Clone accurate...
Small typo in CraftItem.cs it should be AshBoard not YewBoard
- Monsters will be able to walk through dead players
- Added support for ML mods, as well as quivers. More ML artifacts are added

- Dog Form HPR rate is tweaked as per OSI

- Hairstylist gump now works for elves

- Bless buff icon now will report correct values

- When stealthing, the step just before a stealth check won't let you lose the stealth status (you can use shadowjump)

- You can open the blacksmith gump even if far from anvil and forge, but you still need to be near them to craft
more situations considered in the "monsters can walk on people" context
- Added Scrolls of Transcendence and Scrolls of Alacrity. Scrolls of Transcendence, togheter with 105 Powerscrolls, will spawn while doing champion spawns.

- Rune Beetle Armor Corruption now works properly

- the Animal Trainer now will say only "Your pet has been stabled" when you stable a pet (won't affect Pre-AoS)

- Acid elementals now use the proper poison level, and are vulnerable to elemental slayers. When animated, they turn in wraith or banshee

- You can't drop items on the same tile a mobile (PC or NPC) is

- the Embrace Honor virtue ability now works as per OSI

- Woodland Belts now are dyable

- You can combine folded cloth and bottle of liquor to make firebombs

- SoS now are not anymore facet specific, as per OSI
- Hit Life Leech now works in PvP

- Summoned Daemon now has the proper bodyvalue (AoS+) and effect

- Two new house signs are added

- Changes to Satyrs and Dryads:
--> Dryads:
----> they do area peace
----> can partially undress males
----> have chance to drop peculiar or fragrant (not yet implemented) seeds
--> Satyrs:
----> their karma is neutral
----> can peace combatants
----> can provoke nearby creatures to the combatant
----> can undress females
----> can discord combatants
--> Both: can drop spellweaving scrolls

- Added Auto Arrow Recovery feature (SE+)

- Kasa of the Raj-in is now blessable with a Clothing Bless Deed

- People who use Hiding skill will be put in peace mode

- Various fixes about plantgrowing:
--> Seeds no longer have range or LOS checks.
--> When clicking on the water button on the plant gump it attempts to find water in your backpack first and if it doesn't it will give you a target instead.
--> Changed some old SVN messages that were using strings to use cliloc data instead.

- Player vendors will say the name of the buyer

- Books in bookshelves are now accessible to be read. They can't be taken away unless by using Stealing Skill

- Paragon metal chests now are turnable by using the Interior Decorator

- Runebooks can't be picked up if opened

- Runebook default location now is displayed as a red dot
Fixed sound of Candy Canes
Runic sewing kits will no longer apply durability

Vendor Look/Browse/View will now work properly

Stacked Eggbombs will now unstack correctly

Unbonded pets should logout too

Paragon chests placed on player vendors will now behave correctly

Proper party fame/karma sharing

Guild Alliance/War update bug fixed

Fukiya properties updates and loading bug fixed

Shuriken, same problems as fukiya

greater mongbats will now be recognised as quest objectives

divine fury sound tweaks.

pet stat gains fix

Pets follow speed corrected

E-fields no longer block in trammel rulesets.

Disguise kit timer fix

Meer Mage special abilities fixes.

Missing food property if eggs, in animal lore gump

Pets will follow after an attack is completed.

Hides should not be scissored whilst still on the corpse

Pet bonding changed to include jewelry skill adjustments.

Skinning knife can be used to cut corpses

PlayerVendors will correctly send update packets to the client when hair is changed

Corrections to house sign gump

pet "guarding" system message added

Giant toads should be aggressive

bardiche and halberds are axe tools.
- Pet resurrection gump fixed to work as OSI

- Every tamable pet with Poisoning skill can train Poisoning up to 100 skill
- Hotfix for the pet res gump
Meer Mage fix
- Shadow Iron Elementals now are immune to every damage that comes from pets

- Barkeep/Vendors now recognize Z axis
- Tamable released creatures will now have a timer of 3 days: when the timer is over, the creature will be deleted.
The timer will stop when the creature is tamed again, and reset to 3 days when released again.
This is meant to reduce CPU work by reducing the number of creatures which need serialization
- Code cleaning, consolidation and bugfixing of special scrolls (powerscroll/statscroll/transcendence/alacrity).
--> Fixed a bug preventing SoT not being spawned in Malas champion spawns (i.e. Bedlam Crypt)

- Added contextual menu entries to add players in party, and kicking them from house (friends can be kicked if in ML environment). Timeout to accept party invite is increased to 30 seconds as per OSI

- Runebeetles can be angered during taming attempts

- You can cook near forges
ToT patch

- house commit has inappropiate cost for certain parts

- houses should not be placable on roads


- lightning strike should consume extra mana if player walks


- frenzied whirlwind should properly flag combatants.


- PolyMorph should not turn the caster grey/criminal

- Paralyze should interfere in casting paladin spells.


- Ethereal Voyage should not break when attempting to tame dragons, nightmares, etc.

- refactor DrawRessource() to DrawResource()

- random blood "spatter" itemid during combat: more visible blood.


- Animal lore should check for skill modifiers when using lore on mobiles.


- Wraithform should allow push-through without stam loss always.

- Wraithform mana leech should not lower the victim's mana + small cleanup to spellhelper.doleech()


- Noble Sacrifice should work in houses. RunUO's does not.

NCP Vendors

- Add necro regs for vendors to buy from players.


Cross-healing times were not properly calculated.


Secured containers should count against lockdowns
- Hotfix for pet removal SVN 501 patch
- Any creature already aggressive to you before using Embrace Honor, or attacked while under Embrace Honor, will attack you back

- Fixed a bug in Spellweaving Arcane Circle spell causing the arcanist to get more than one arcane focus

- Added a sanity check in SpellHelper.cs

- Provoked creatures won't return anymore the message *looks furious* (ML change)

- Added Necromancy potions, in normal and greater versions: Conflagration, Confusion Blast. (Era: SE+)

- Arcane Circle spell now checks spellweavers are Playermobiles

- Casting from necromancy scrolls will never result in a fail, if the caster has the minimum skill required. Otherwise it always result in a fail.

- Creatures in Fan Dancers Dojo and Yomotsu Mines now are taken in consideration for ToT points

- Opening a corpse while hidden is not anymore considered a revealing action. Also other tweaks about corpses and revealing

- Herding now works on creatures from champion spawns and on all of tameable creatures

Stairs should be sectionable

Dull Copper Elementals should drop chests

Snowpiles should not be usable when mounted

Explosion potion timer should not be stopped by picking them up/scavenging

1 day cool-down timer on soulstones is removed

Cleanup Expansions

Update DataPath

OSI-style npc camps:
SoT should not exceed skillcaps:
Corrected Potion keg name:
BOD book item counts corrected

Discordance cool down timer

Summoned Hoarde minions dont behave correctly

Fame and karma rewards should be 30% higher in fel

Incorrect skill requirement in tailoring

Mined resources should stack

Runebook behavior

Correct allowed guild name length

Corrections to wool/sheep

Fix for a mistake in discord. It was giving 6hr cooldown timer when target is canceled selecting an instrument.
Lightning strike should not consume mana or deactivate when you miss.

BOD turn-in should have 10 second timer since pub 50

Vet reward ore carts, gem carts, and stumps have missing range check added

Blood Oath: missing 35hp pvp dmg cap added, correct credit for kills/dmg given to caster, ML magic resist now applies.

Missing ore sizes added

Player-cast gates reveal stealthers/hiders.

Some necro spells should disturb a casting target

Failed snoop attempts should reveal thief if hidden.

Pets do not autostable in the case of a server restart/crash: fixed

earthquake wrong sound
magic arrow inappropriate particles
curse wrong sound
agility wrong sound
chain lightning should always play sound
poison wrong sound
dispel evil missing sound
noble sacrifice male/female, diff sounds
sacred journey missing sound

Chessboard corrections

Stealth has the wrong hiding requirement

Players should be able to discord their own pet regardless of facet/guild, or lack thereof

Disposition of released/gone wild pets' pack inventory

Flagging mechanics regarding invisibility
Fixed issue with secured dye tubs in houses

Smith/Tailor PS should not be cursed

Large crafting system overhaul
bleh whitespace/formatting cleanup.
Cannot recall from any champ spawns, not just felucca.

Party functions context menu bypasses various checks.

Insurance consumption notifications.

7.0.9.x compat

updated spawner

autodetect tiledata format

more 7.0.9.x support

Fixes to prevent internalized daemons and logs.

Champion spawn corpses should decay after 1 minute.

Attempted to fix PlayerMobile.cs issue with ContextMenu throwing an InvalidCastException in regards to Party.

Preparing the way for the new AI
yet another orphaned items bug fix.

fix summon+logout problem, fix for an exploit.
ML 60k withdrawal limit, handle backpack fullness.
brazier leaves effects artifacts in game after delete, animal trainer checks and speech commands fixed.
notoriety fixes

explosion pot timers and targeting

Potion bonuses
murder count bug fix;inappropriate post-mortum deflagging fixed
Only player dropping BOD to book should hear the sound
Commodity deed updates: added bottles, potions, spell scrolls, zoogifungus. fixed filled hue, removed unnecessary desc prop from ICommodity, pre-aos OSI style labels dont need it.

support increased item ids, new multis, new structures, etc



Last revision uploaded to the SVN is 604, but the SVN shows itself at 606. So is this already on the SVN?


Probably internal commits, not everything in that repository is public.

Understand, but just wanted to confirm whether or not all the 2.1 changes have been committed to the repository? Mark didn't post any comments in the log. :)

Pure Insanity

This is awesome, anyone have the link to this svn? I'd like to look and see what changes have been made since there is no actual change log.


RunUO Founder
Staff member
We do still have websvn - I dont know the URL off the top of my head though - I'll ask Mark.



Nice work,
and if you do not mind ...
will all change eventually be applied to the Public?

and what the difference is now Public version of the one that you posted?


Pure Insanity

They have yet to get around to creating a change log...just give them time. These guys have a ton on their plate, between the site, forum, and their shards...I honestly can't believe they had time to update the svn like they just did, lol.