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Discussion in 'New Join Forum' started by Adam D., Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Adam D.

    Adam D. Traveler

    Hello everyone. I still hope that this community is still up and running. Seeing all the ads and spam makes my heart ache :( Nevertheless. I have been really wanting to get into the nostalgic aspect of RunUO and wanted to know what it takes to have my server run at the AOS expansion and prior. I got introduced into UO at LBR and wanted to keep the content of the world, the races, the weapons, abilities and monsters at the AOS and previous level, this includes the maps, aesthetics and everything. What does this require for me to accomplish this (knowledge obliviously)? Any help if help is still provided on here would be much appreciated. Thank you everyone.

  2. jeffcarley

    jeffcarley Sorceror

    The best AOS clone would be to use client 5.0.9 patch, and probably RunUO 2.0 RC1

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