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Discussion in 'RunUO Announcements' started by Ryan, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan RunUO Founder Staff Member

    The RunUO IRC network has moved back to

    #RunUO - The core RunUO channel for discussion of RunUO related topics.
    #UOGamers - The UOGamers: Hybrid shard IRC channel
    #Demise - The UOGamers: Demise shard IRC channel
    #Revelation - The UOGamers: Revelation shard IRC channel
    #AssistUO - The AssistUO support and discussion channel

    As you can see we've retired the Razor IRC channel as it's deprecated going forward.

  2. BigRich

    BigRich Wanderer

    You know i sure expected to find the developers for runuo to be operating a channel on freenode. most developers offer irc support for their projects on that network (due to that networks history of supporting various developers), but i understand the benefits of owning your own ircd as well. i havent really found any runuo general chat channels anywhere to ask basic questions sadly and landed on this post searching for one. i see you have an ircd going for the domain with the subdomain of but for some reason it isnt letting me connect. every time i try it errors ("Connection refused") and wondered if you would be able to get that resolved soon?
  3. Enroq

    Enroq Sorceror

    This is kind of the state of runuo these days, has been for the last five years as far as I can tell.

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  4. MadeInQuebec

    MadeInQuebec The Eminent Made In Quebec, Elder Moderator Staff Member

    This won't happen.

    Ryan pulled the plug on the project a while ago.

    The last thing he did, where we could see him online a bit, was on a Slack channel, but even there, all you'll get is veteran players from the RunUO official shards.
  5. BigRich

    BigRich Wanderer

    well ya the whole point in trying to run down an irc network to idle is partially to ask questions about the server itself. there may be some server related question that one would like to get answers for, but some chat support is better then none. so nobody has an active runuo irc chat channel going anywhere?
  6. Vorspire

    Vorspire Knight

  7. gametec

    gametec Page


    No one tags artistically anymore... LOL
  8. Enroq

    Enroq Sorceror

    @gametec I think most of them lame tech,
    yeah they think this a game deck
    but seem they bringing the same set
    of cards that we feign let
    win due to brain debt
    but I think soon the game set..

    No wonder why they depart
    from the state of the art it's
    because they forsake every heart
    that would tell them if they fake then go cart,
    that's why they shake when we start
    don't think they escape the remark
    think it rakes deep in the dark
    pits of you won't trace very far
    because the bury the hate that they are.

    Just for you, sire.

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