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RunUO update. 3/8/2013


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So. I take it I don't need to explain that we have been awash in one surprise move after another in recent days, with one change after another.

Anyway, picking up where we left off, this weekend will get a distro SVN update, including complete history. Barring an unforeseen problem with code, it will be getting pushed over Sunday. There's a lot of new goodies in it, including the vast majority of the ML quests.

Bug reports should all be reported at This project site is configured to accept public posting of issues. We encourage you to make use of this resource, if you have found something broken.

As well, we are kicking around the idea of maintaining a contrib collection of community supplied code, that doesn't even necessarily have to be OSI compatible. But at the same time, we will not support it. If we do this, complete details will be posted.

We are in the middle of some big moves right now, sorry for the delays.


I am stoked for this update. Not only have I been looking forward to native ML quests, but I love the idea of a contrib collection of community code that will work with RunUO! Can't wait!