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    I created this program because I got tired of researching code, finding cool methods that could be used elsewhere and having thousands of loose text files with snippets inside each. This makes keeping your snippets easy. It's also designed with RunUO in mind so it should be easy to navigate.
    • Enter snippets into a detailed database
    • A snippet index window which loads any text file that contains a list of searchable strings that you, as the user, can use to cut and paste from.
    • The ability to save snippets to rich text files that can be open and updated in the snippet viewer.
    Basically you have the database entry and then you can isolate the snippet code you've entered into the database into their own separate loose snippet files that you can share with other people.

    Anyway this is a very useful utility and I made it for me, but I thought others might make use of it as well; source code is included.

    :) The file is 11mb which is too big to upload here. The initial upload can be found here:

    Enjoy, here are the screenshots:



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