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Stuck at Verifying Account on


Stuck at Verifying Account on


Vetus mundus is an established german shard and evrybody can login expect me. I enter my encredentials and get stoch at verifying account blob up.

I reinstalled the client (version fixed registry entry of the client on a vista mashine. Disabled the firewall, directly connect to the internet and try the whole stuff with and without razor. Nothing alway the same stuck screen. I didnt change anything, just did a reboot.

orgin tell me something about a wrong networkcard binding, what does this mean?

thx a lot


Usually connection problems are one of the following:

1. The server doesn't use encryption and your client is encrypted, or visa versa. Most servers do not use encryption, but there are a few that do. Razor should remove the encryption if you have it set up to do that.

2. Incorrect login.cfg settings (wrong server IP or port).

3. Firewall issue (on your side, since others can connect).

4. Incorrect client version.

Also, double check the web site for the server and make sure you are following any special instructions they might have.

I wouldn't ask OSI for advice, any advice they give you will be for their login servers and may not apply to logging into an emulator at all. I also doubt it is an issue with Vista, as I run UO on Vista and have no problems connecting to OSI or emulators.