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Sub Champions

Sub Champions

Well i think its about time I started contributing ( Ive done enough taking) and my scripting is getting better (I think) :)

Description: I call these "Sub Champions" they are tough monsters that i spawn in Felucca about 1 per hour that a small party can defeat without having to do an entire Champion Spawn. They give 3 power scrolls and a about 120k-150k gold.

Installation: Just drop all files into your custom folder (or where evr you put your custom scripts) If you do not have the custom "necro AI on your shard you will need to go into the LichLordDaemonKing.cs file and change Necro_Ai to Mage_Ai

In game: I use Pandoras Box deco tool to make a nice alter and then make a spawner using each sub champions name ( found in champs "CS" file

Enjoy, comment, flame, whatever!! :cool:

UPDATED ZIP to include missing darkorclord.cs


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Well I really like these makes for some added fun. I did have to delete the tokens cause I don't use em but I've got a couple extra dungeon areas that need filling and these will work nicely. Also...I already had a spiderqueen so I changed her name to Shelob, besides that there weren't any errors. Keep up the good work.


Received the following error:
 - Error: Scripts\Custom\Mobiles\Evil Mobiles\SubChamps\LordOrcalis.cs: CS0246:
(line 82, column 28) The type or namespace name 'DarkOrcLord' could not be found
 (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
Updated zip

Sorry about that i forgot to include the Dark Orc Lord file. just redownload the new zip extract it and add the dark orc lord to your custom folder. Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner but i was just hit by the third hurricane here and lost my cable for 3 days. :confused:

Thanks everyone for you comments


Wooohooo! Let's hear it for hurricane country. I hope you received as little damage as I did when Ivan hit. :eek: