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  1. Enroq

    Enroq Sorceror

    You call it Elysium,
    I call it the least of 'em.
    Think just a piece of 'em,
    toxic like cesium..
    So in portrait I'm freezin' 'em,
    Call me a liar while breathin 'em.

  2. Enroq

    Enroq Sorceror

    You can cite my behavior all you'd like, honestly.

    The truth is, you're a liar, and even when you apologize, you're lying.

    The reason I'm not welcome there is because it's an affront to your tiny fucking ego, and we both know it.

    How do we both know it?

    Because all the shit you talked. Your literally telling people that I spent my finite forging evidence just to make you guys look bad.

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