The Revenge Of The Dark Lords

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    I am solo working on this as of now but I am looking for players and staff to help me test, build, and script items in the server and other things as needed. I am as of now doing everything on my own but would love for others to join and help out as a staff or a player. Server ip is as of right now and port is 2593 as of right now. I will change the port when I get it fully optimized but for now I just need testers and staff. It's PvP and PvM based do to the creatures yet also the gear I'm going to be adding with the crafting system and all I hope to be putting in. Goals are to get geared up and fight others mainly but there is also a decently powerful taming system being put in as well. We are on the most up to date version of uo. Thanks for reading! is discord
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