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UOTC- my nemesis



is there anybody out there who used UOTC to create a custom map?

I am about to translate my map from bmp (24bit) to map0.mul. The size I already checked, this is fine. I also get a map, but with several errors in the height... I used the mapz stuff, and also the aco table for the height that comes with the program. But what I wondered is if there is any definition in the .txt files for getting the correct height?
Now I am getting something weired^^ everything looks like plowed with the tractor... The rest is fine, he textures are mostly correct...
If you have an idea please come up with it, I am happy about every answer^^





Finally we are at the next point:

The map is now running fine, but three problems occured:

1. The Height is not set correctly from the mapz.bmp (Totally messed up, in 8bit and 24bit; used the aco-table for photoshop to create...)

2. Some textures are not set correctly (Snow instead of one Gras type, even when the color is changed in bmp and scripts

3. Some borders are not correct (checked in the scripts, but there they are implemented correctly aswell as in the .mul-files)

So what I was thinking:

Does uotc need cliff and coast scripts to translate correctly? If I don't have a coastline.. does this matter, or should I even set one or two textures for the coasts?
what about the cliffs?

Does anyone check the scripts the last years and maybe has an idea what went wrong? I am in urgent need of help:(

Thanks guys


I dont think I have used UOTC, do you know who made that one?
It sounds like you have a couple issues. One might be the map size is wrong, being the old maps were a size of 6144x4096
The client and server now read maps 0 and 1 as size 7168x4096.

If things looked 'plowed' in some way, maybe you are using a land tile that does not stretch between each other for altitude difference.

Id really almost recommend using another program to generate your map, like Dragon, MapGenerator2 or whatever others are out there currently available.


We now have the source code and will look into it. I think it could be the map size (This I can easily change), but using another program is really not an option. We (mostly one of my guys who is really a hard worker^^) already implemented everything we need. Now there are some minor problems which lead to snow instead of grass and a weired height...

If I get into this I will definitly write a tut for this... But for now I like to know what could bring an error in the coast and crossings... And what about the height?




So finally switched to mapmaker :D Pretty cool tool! And finally it is working and I got my lovely map. After changing every single texture to a new graphic, adding so many ground styles and paining the whole map completly new it is translated correctly and just some minor issues are about to be fixed today.


But thanks anyway for your help :D