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[2.x] Updated CEO's Addongen Ver 2.0

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Hammerhand submitted a new resource:

Updated CEO's Addongen (version Ver 2.0) - Updated addon generator

I've modified it to handle Item ID #'s up through High Seas. Tested on a 2.2 server. Now, if you want, you can make addons of the High Seas ships to park in your yard... Enjoy!

Loved the Joke you have at the bottom LOL just as bad as the can you please press any key to continue? I'm sorry sir but I do not have an any key on my keyboard. hehe


Is there a way to get the Addons to not show the names of items when you do CTR+Shift? Some items in the BaseAddon freeze fine and dont show up but others still have a nameplate.


You can name the individual items to that of the addon if you want. Or maybe [props them before making the addongen itself & just blanking the name of the item(s). Other than that, I'm not sure.


+ Customs/AddonGenerator.cs:
    CS0101: Line 27: The namespace 'Arya.Misc' already contains a definition for 'AddonGenerator'
    CS0102: Line 651: The type 'Arya.Misc.AddonGenerator' already contains a definition for 'InternalTarget'
    CS0102: Line 692: The type 'Arya.Misc.AddonGenerator' already contains a definition for 'InternalGump'
    CS0101: Line 866: The namespace 'Server.Items' already contains a definition for 'CEOIdentifyAddon'

Hello, I am newish to scripting and I have no idea what this means. I have just put this default file into my customs folder and I am getting this message when trying to compile. Any ideas as to what is wrong here? Maybe someone can help me learn how to avoid a similar problem in the future? :) Thanks in advance.


If I had it already installed, is there anyway to find out once I'm in the server to test it? I have never tried installing this before unless it came with my toolbar...


Sure, throw down a couple items and run the command.
I am not sure what the command is, but it should be in the script if you open it and look.

It could be too, that you had pasted the script in your server twice, and didnt realize it.


Ok, I tried to do the search just incase I misplaced a copy of the script and there is only the one copy... do you think I need to slightly alter the script at all?


Ok, this time I went into the server and used [Addongen, and a menu popped up for the CEO Addon Generator so I guess it came with my toolbar, last question...
Does anyone know how to see a list of the available addons? Or am I mistaking how this script works? :)


Ahhh I see, as I say, I am fairly new to this so bear with me...

So with this Addon Generator, I can use insideUO + [add 0xCODE commands to make a small 7x7 addon for instance, then use this tool to make it as an addon that I can use multiple times?