Yet again i ask

Discussion in 'RunUO Post Archive' started by stakex, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. stakex

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    Yet again i ask

    Is anyone working on T-maps? For my shard i really need them. How long untill someone has them done. Them, and MIB's are a nesseisty. Instead ppl are worried about little s***. They are a major system for the Cartographer, and Fisher. And i surrgest someone get them done ASAP. Thanks alot guys :)

    (PS i am not a scripter really or i would have already done them)
  2. Phantom

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    They will be done when they are done. SOmebody I thought did them although they are not official. Check the script forum.
  3. BtDMH

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    Re: Yet again i ask

    eMail RunUO Dev team.
    Ask them for a place to contribute to the project.
    Then throw some money at them in exchange for a TMap and MiaB scripts and support.
    I am sure that will get you the quick response you are looking for. Hehehe. :D

    Brian the Dungeonmaster
  4. Etalicus

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    i also remebr seeing someone had got a treasure system
    done. the map would get you with in 20 tile or so if i rember right youll just need to look

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