Yoko Injection

Discussion in 'Script Support' started by ermo, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. ermo Sorceror

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    Yoko Injection

    Hi, is there any way to detect Yoko injection?
    You can run on older clients and use Yoko to tell server you are using legit client, is there any way to fight this?
  2. Lord_Greywolf Lord

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    if they are using an older client, they are just going to cause problems for themselves with it

    like mapping problems, not having all the correct files (like the tiledata being used instead of verda after 5.0
    or split maps with 6.0+

    they are only hurting themselves with it

    but if it is giving a false client version, then no way to detect it then, since you are seeing an updated number
  3. ermo Sorceror

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    So i guess only way to detect it is to move them to a place where they will get stuck, and watch their movement :(

    Thank you for your response :)
  4. Lord_Greywolf Lord

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    a good way is to have them start someplace that you know would get them on an older client

    easiest way is to have patch updates that include sometype of floor tiles custom to your shard
    i.e. art & tiledata files have to be patched

    if using pre 5.0 then will only see black and can nto move

    and if starting on tram, just patch in statics for starting area to tram only, in 6.0 with a pre 6.0 patch, then can not move either

    also custom clothing to startwith that is only on your patches requires them to have 5.0+ then also

    but why does it matter if they are using older client, all it will do is cause them to crash alot, or not be able to do anything
  5. ermo Sorceror

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    Well I have tested client 4.0.11c + yoko+adrenaline and thing is it works just fine, so im trying to find a way how to prove someone is using low version clients and adrenaline, cuz adrenaline isnt working with 6+ versions.
  6. pacolaco2 Sorceror

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    What is Yoko and Adrenaline? The speed hacking program? You know you can't speedhack in RunUO..
  7. Aquatic Elf Sorceror

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    Would forcing everyone to use Razor prevent people from using Yoko Injection?
  8. ermo Sorceror

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    Trust me you can speedhack in runuo :(
  9. ermo Sorceror

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    Forcing players into something isnt good but even if they are forced to use only razor, you can't rly know what they are using.
  10. Lord_Greywolf Lord

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    you can not speed hack in runuo - if the packets come back to fast/to far away, etc etc, it rubberbands them back to origional spot slowing them down

    it might help those on a slower isp/modem to be as fast as those on good isps/modems, but can not go faster than the server allows, it is built in to check for it

    and if they are trying to use 4.11.c on a 6.0+ shard - they can't, if you set it up like a said above - if the tram map is different via either statics, map itself, etc where you have them start off at with new toon, they can not move then, becaue it will be black to them (make sure no spot on fel map is there)
    also since there is no "dif" files for them to read (and you can patch empty ones as part of your patches also to mess them up), the tram map again will not be correct - i.e. start them in haven on the bridge which in fel is water - of course i am talking old haven bridge if it is still there (or make your own and freeze it to the tram map and patch it to the players)

    and like i said, make new items so they have to use your tiledata, and then can't use 4.11.c because it does not reconize all the points in the updataded one, and they can not dress armor and such because they have invisible crappy armor on (visible to those that can read tiledata) and thus can't remove it
  11. Jeff Lord

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    I'd love for someone to show me how the speedhacking really works, packet throttling is suppose to prevent this. Packet Throttling makes it so the server only sends movement request accept packets on a timed basis, thus preventing the client from moving (IE, the rubber band effect) if you try to speed hack....

    If you have information on how this so called "new" speed hacking works, I'd love to give it a try, because no matter what you say, I still don't believe it works. I've just run to many servers and whatnot, and not once have I encountered this, not even on the UOGamers servers ...
  12. Stygian Stalker Squire

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    And here is the funny.

    I played a few shards where those evil, name your ethnic group of the day, were always using this client or that client to speedhack. And accourding to the RunUO forums we find you cannot because of built in checks. Checks designed to catch the PLAYER, and stop the PLAYER from speedhacking. Not checks that catch the STAFF MEMBERS who often act like PLAYERS. So more often than not those dreaded Russians, Chinese, Ethopian Cattle Ranchers, No offense to any of these groups this is an example from previous shards, were actually your dead and beloved staff members making the game exciting for you the Player by making opponents you cant kill or catch.

    Or also known as, didn't you read the NDA?
  13. LuxoR Sorceror

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    Hmm, try sending a packet only the newer clients would be able to translate. Your hope is to crash their client when they login because they got this invalid packet. I remember back in the days of 2.0.3, there was a animation packet that was implemented for the 3.0.0+ clients. I jokingly ran it on every player, and many players using older clients crashed.
  14. FingersMcSteal Sorceror

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    What is it your trying to 'fight'... Most of the free shards require 'some' type of 'injection' to get around game encryption / custom directorys for custom maps etc.

    Unless the client actually sent the server something specific (to that client), and the server knew about 'that client' then no... probably. But if your going to inject a client file with code changes (in memory) you could in theory inject code to send a false signature (if one was needed).
  15. Kamron Wanderer

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    Yoko allows players to AFK PVP by using a chaser script and easyuo PVP scripts.

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