Fame and Karma Gump

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    Fame and Karma Gump

    I did not create this script,I cant remember who did,sorry. This is a script that i just copied for Runuo 1.0.0 Players say "I must consider my sins" and will see kills and fame/karma. I DID NOT WRITE THIS SCRIPT. Just replace keywords script in Runuo/cripts/Misc. Make a copy and save the old keywords script before replaceing.Sorry I cant give credit to original script writer.

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    Thanks for sharing this script, I've been looking for something like this. Once I get home, I'll tell you if it works. You said you got it from RunUO 1.0 Core, but I want to make sure it works with the RunUO 2.3 Core.
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    Its 11 years old, so it may not.

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