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Help Making a Small Shard


I am new to server "creating" and have failed miserably.

I downloaded Razor and Runuo 2.0, I ran RunUO, made a Administrator account, but thats about when i get lost.

When I log into the game through razor(using my admin account), the only server is named RunUO TC, which also worries me that the server I'm finding is not even mine.

If anyone can point me towards a past post that goes into at least some detail or is willing to post here what they know about server set up, what to download, and/or how to add accounts to the server, that would be awesome.

My goal is just to get a small server for a few friends to play on and thats about it.

Thank you for any help you can give.


Hello, Yes the default name they have in the packaged server is Named runuo tc.Which you can change once you have the server.When you run it for the first time it does not have a admin account.You have to creat a account.that will be the owner of the account.So you are doing it right thus far.Also you will have to add your ip adress so others can connect to your server.There are serveral help post threw out to show u wat to adjust and how and where.Take a look at Some of the fourms post.Hope this helps you have good fun mate . *waves*


I'm sorry but those stickies are from like 2005 and a lot of the info appears to be out of date. When I try to update my i.p under server.cs I get the error +misc/serverlist: CS1002: line 41: ;expected and the server doesnt run. I've run the same basic steps as Pinochle and can't find any conclusive information on the steps on making the server public. A little help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!

Alyssa Dark

serverlist.cs is where to name your shard and set it for your ip etc... did you double check that your not missing a ; at the end of a line 41?


You can try to connect with the razor. For this they have to put your public IP that you see on any website. Then the port used by the uo is the 2593. To be able to connect you have to see if the antivirus blocking that port or your router also blocks it. Sorry for my English, but I hope I can help you.