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How To Download and Compile the RunUO SVN

Hey Guys,

I am new here and I wanna use SVN but my questions is : what is the username and the password needed to checkout SVN ?

Thanks !

Roy Maybin

I need to enter a user name and password at the time of check out.
I have entered the user name and password of this site.
However, the authentication fails.
Could you help me?


Does this also work for people who are stuck at server selection, because i can login to my own server just fine, but outside connections connect, and stay connected until they pick the shard from the list, then are disconnected, if someone can pass me a straight answer and not tell me about the easy stuff, like routers and port forwarding, serverlist.cs etc. That would be great!

Simon Omega

not to be rude or anything but ... i didnt know that RunUO was a for-profit project.
I meant that only non-profits could use it. I thought the legal wording said I have to register a Non-Profit business to use it.
Turns out I read wrong, seems it's any use not generating a profit.