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[SVN] Slayer Deeds & Slayer Removal Deed


Items Included:
Slayer Deeds: 20
  • Balron Slayer Deed
  • Daemon Slayer Deed
  • Dragon Slayer Deed
  • Air Elemental Slayer Deed
  • Fire Elemental Slayer Deed
  • Blood Elemental Slayer Deed
  • Water Elemental Slayer Deed
  • Snow Elemental Slayer Deed
  • Poison Elemental Slayer Deed
  • Ore Elementals Slayer Deed
  • Gargoyle Slayer Deed
  • Lizardman Slayer Deed
  • Ogre Slayer Deed
  • Ophidian Slayer Deed
  • Orc Slayer Deed
  • Scorpion Slayer Deed
  • Snake Slayer Deed
  • Spider Slayer Deed
  • Terathan Slayer Deed
  • Troll Slayer Deed
Super Slayer Deeds: 7
  • Arachnid Slayer Deed
  • Undead Slayer Deed
  • Reptile Slayer Deed
  • Demon Slayer Deed
  • Fey Slayer Deed
  • Elemental Slayer Deed
  • Repond Slayer Deed
Misc. Deeds: 1
  • Slayer Removal Deed
What is a Slayer Deed you ask?

A Slayer Deed is a deed which may be added to a Spellbook or Weapon which will instantly add slayer onto that item, and delete the deed that was used.

What is a Slayer Removal Deed you ask?

Alternatively, a Slayer Removal Deed is a deed which is used to remove slayers from a particular Weapon or Spellbook, usually in an effort to free up some space to add a new slayer to it using a Slayer Deed.

Why is this unique?

Not only is this a Complete Set of all available slayers, it also includes the Slayer Removal Deed. These two work together to provide the players a complete system of adding and removing slayers to their arsenal of spellbooks and weapons.

The Slayer Removal Deed can be set to remove the Top Slayer, Bottom Slayer, or Both Top and Bottom Slayer with the click of a button, at the players discretion.

Ideas for implementation:
  • Have a quest who rewards a slayer deed for slaying many monsters of that particular type. Ie. Kill 100 Dragons, earn the dragon slayer deed.
  • Sell them as token rewards, gold rewards, or even donation items.
  • Drop them on monsters, champions, or bosses of particular/opposing slayer groups.
  • Drag/Drop into Customs Folder.
In-Game Use:
  1. Double click the deed in backpack
  2. Target the weapon to add slayer
  3. If possible, slayer will be added and deed will be deleted.
  4. If not, the player will be told what went wrong, whether it is an invalid target, or if their target already has 2 slayers and one must be removed first (via Slayer Removal Deed).
  5. Go out and reap havoc your favorite monster subgroup..


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