BoxerChat 1.5

A chat system with a gump displaying chat messages

  1. Bittiez
    NOTE: This requires Utilities 0.0.3, click here to download!

    -There is an "Issue" where players can't see the input gump, this is because the input gump is to far off the screen(The player has a smaller resolution monitor and can't see the gump). Fix this by simply changing the START_Y in the settings file to a smaller number(Higher on the screen).

    What is this?
    This is a chat system for players to use, it also comes with a gump that displays all the chat messages in it(No more searching journals to find what they said!)

    First of all, keep in mind this is a very new system, and I plan to develop it further and provide more extensive features.
    I have developed this quite a bit further than I expected, it has turned out to be quite convenient! Sadly I'm running out of time to do this, time is becoming harder to find, but I'm not gone yet!

    This displays a gump:
    Showing all messages(Well, up to 50) in the gump conveniently :)

    Hows does it work?
    Well you can set up all your settings in the SETTINGS.cs file
    It comes with a word filter, World and Guild tabs, and customizable command prefixes(By default you can use [m message, [c message, [t message, [message message, [chat message, and [talk message) you can have as many or as little as command prefixes as you would like.

    Drop in your \Scripts\Customs\ directory and restart.

    Other notes:
    As I don't have a shard of my own, I have not been able to test this with many users spamming it at once, but it should work fine. If not please report the errors to me.

    Please send me suggestions on what you would like to see in this system!

    Current features:
    -Display chat messages in a gump instead of the journal
    -Reversible messages(Newest on bottom vs top)
    -Word filters
    -Time limit on messages to prevent spam
    -Customizable amount of messages to display
    -Minimum message length
    -Staff colored/bolded names/messages
    -Added Guild tab
    -Staff tab
    -Access level to override chat delay
    -Customize the tab names
    -Chat box along side of the message gump :)
    -Open gump on login
    -Disable guild for players not in guild
    -Option to enable/disable any of the available tabs
    -Minimize button
    -Online gump
    -Added different colors for staff and players in online list
    -Fixed default command prefixes to player access level
    -Added option to change the weather using a command prefix without text will open the online list
    -Added online list [Commands
    -Added if gump is not open, it will display the message via .SendMessage(System Message)
    What to expect from the next release:
    Taking suggestions

    Want the chat gump to appear after players die?
    Find and open Mobiles/PlayerMobile.cs

    Add this line:
    Bittiez.BoxerChat.Chat.SendGump((int)Bittiez.BoxerChat.CHAN.WORLD, this);
    To line 2414 and line 2126
    (Or at the very end of the Resurrect() and OnDeath methods in the file)


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Recent Updates

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    Convenient, easy-to-use, and one helluva useful tool.
    1. Bittiez
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I'm glad someone is making use of it :)