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Community Input - Configuration Data and RunUO Setup


Totally understand there's commands like that to find things.

What I was getting at (probably didn't go into detail tho) was maybe admin sub menu's kind of approach.

Accounting side...
More details regarding each account, kind of a way to display each accounts details rather than pick AN account and then having more buttons to show info / characters / access / comments etc. Maybe a sub menu or something that gives all of those details in one place.

Server side...
Currently from Admin / World Building / it gives all options to create the world teleports / doors / gates / signs etc etc. Maybe 'bool' it up to disable some of those buttons once they've been used once at the start, stop other admins accidentally re-making world parts and doors (my fav).

Admin / Commands...
Drop the commands into a sub window that stays open or something to keep basic admin commands 'at hand'. When going through finding an account to pull up a character or something it's a re-open of that gump every time.

And as mentioned above, some kind of server & client version checking to make sure there matched, there's a lot of posts regarding mis-matched server versions and client versions.
Maybe introduce a pop up when the servers 1st run explaining which versions it runs on, or even a check built into the server to get client version and act appropriately. More so if client version is too high for the server.

Just a few anyway ;)

And yes...
Please make a thread regarding the Admin menu expansions in Gen Disc or Mod Suggestions... I'd be happy to discuss this and make some of these things a bit more easy.


Starting equipment as I get feedback from my players wanting things added to newbie gear or useless items removed as we learn what works best in our world .

Anti-macroing on/off

Resource area size 8x8 5x5 ect

Hiring Man

Maybe have a who like list built-in with the kick,ban firewall, account create the admin list gump.

Maybe a over the air item props mod live. so you can props an item and it does it for all the same items. same for monsters.

house price changes in the house placement tool.

NPC store prices and amounts and amount to spawn.

Server IP, PORT, account per ip,

live loot drop custom items gold etc change.


Turn on/off Tooltips/ContextMenus regardless the selected expansion
I mean, a completely separated option for those

SphereServer has an ini file that you can configure your server with a great level of details on your choices, something like this ini file(.cs script or even an .xml on root folder) with same or greater amount of details would be excellent

EDIT: Way to choose wich features (6th/7th char slot, house tiles and etc...) will be enabled for each account, and of course, a default value


I arrived to the party late, but what about a system allowing for item identification for weapon/armor according to era chosen? ie. Fortified/Vanquishing vs. a fortified katana of Vanquishing


What about a feature to enable/disable that centralized file in the case we still want to edit various files all around?
Just a thought c:


RunUO is expansion-based, not feature based (Sphere).
This has been proposed some time ago, but I think this shelved


We're looking to solicit some feedback from the community on what it is you find yourself constantly setting up with RunUO?


  • .........
Bring it... :)

A couple ideas....

Command Handlers Prefix Entry. " [ " (change to a symbol of choice) *would be great to have distro support for multiple command prefix
ExpansionPack Setting:
Map Rule Definitions: Setting each map rules, ie; Map.Tokuno = Felucca Rules; (not proper code)
TileMatrixPatch = true/false
AutoSave time span: #/minutes / on/off
Character Creation starting area: Selection or custom entry
Welcome Message: on/off (maybe small text field to enter custom message?)
RegenRates: Set Number
Allowed Houses per Account: "##"
PublicMoongate access/settings: Selection of facets available to each player group and regen gates

Some may been already mentioned, if so, overlook them.


Probably mentioned before:

Stat/skill gain rates

BOD collection times

All small with large BODS (smaller servers).

Tot, virtue and general drop rates.

Pretty much everything everyone else has mentioned.

Also, slightly out of the scope of the request.

Downloading and installing Nerun's everytime :p


Bankaccount Stone Limitation
HP on Resurrect
Enable/Disable NPC Training
NPC Training Skill Limit

WSC Export Path


I guess it should be the server configuration, not npc configuration for skills etc...
Otherwise everything will end in one file of 2 GB if you know what i mean...


I saw max chars per account; how about max accounts per IP? I'm always testing accounts and forgetting to re-set this.


Great idea Ryan. I really look forward to seeing it.

Is that your son in your avatar? Apparently I've been gone longer than I thought.