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Multi Facet Serpents Pillar


Multi Facet Serpents Pillar

I recently came across this old script in the archives and found it very useful for a scenario. I updated it for use with tokuno maps.

I take zero credit for the actual script, Khaz did all the work. I only updated the maps, and asked for (annd received) permission to post the update.
Thank you Khaz!

This works on 2.0RC1

this is the original post

Khaz's original description:
Description: The standard serpent pillar can only transport a boat and her crew on the same facet. I'm submitting this after realizing its use on my own server and due to the high volume of servers using multiple facets and custom maps. This modification will allow for a destination map, giving the advantage of being able to travel via boat between facets. Regular SerpentPillars will still function without modification.

Allows for boat travel between two facets
Does not affect current serpent pillars
Small, easy modification

Installation: An extended Teleport method has been added to ..\Scripts\Multis\Boats\BaseBoat.cs. Replace your original BaseBoat script or merge it with the one included in the package.
Move the MultiFacetSerpentPillar script to your scripts directory of choice.

RunUO Development Team -- all the work was already there, thanks guys


  • Multi Facet Serpent Pillar.rar
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I know this is an old script anyone know if it works with current runuo? Also anyone know if it can be made to allowe travel between more then two facets?
from what i just read in the discription, it is kind of like a teleporter. (someone correct me if i'm wrong) i think you just set it up in game, so when you use it you take your boat to a different map


Im not sure about that. The regular ones in game teleports your boat when you say keywords at the Pillars.
It would be nice if a teleporter would trasport a boat but I dont think they can.

Beings baseboat is being altered here I would say this one operates much the same as the original Pillars