UOFiddler UOP Extractor plugin 0.1

UOFiddler plugin to extract UOP files

  1. grossghost

    grossghost Wanderer

    Can't get this to work at all no matter how I do it. Fiddler 4.6 won't load ANY plugins.
  2. hungry4knowhow

    hungry4knowhow Sorceror

    Did you add the .dll to the plugins folder? Check it in the check box inside UOFiddler's plugin menu? Restart, and it should come up as a tab at the end.
  3. milva

    milva Sorceror

  4. Marilith55

    Marilith55 Page

    Hello _Epila_,
    my name is Marilith55 (at this forum). I am trying to contact you concerning your UOFiddler plugin UOPPacker. I did download the sources, and as far as I understand it was at a time at Google Sources. Your source has no author markings, but I assume, that you are the author of the plugin.
    I would like to ask your permission, to add your sources to the current UOFiddler repository. The repository is at https://github.com/polserver/poltools. I cannot add it myself, because I have no writing rights, but I am in contact with the original author of UOFiddler, and he can add it.
    I was able to compile your plugin with the newest release (4.7) of UOFiddler and it seems to work.
    Please contact me via private message or answer here.
    Thank you!

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