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Wheat Sheaves for Harvest System


Wheat Sheaves and Ear of Corn for Harvest System

A simple Wheat sheaf, full working. That when double click becomes a sack of flour (if near a Flour Mill East/South Addon or static). For use with Harvest System v1.4. There is a Ear of Corn too, because corn seed gave muffins instead ear of corn. Corn is eatable.

Changes v1.3:
- now wheat sheaves works near "static flour mills";

Changes v1.2:
- nearest flour mill check added;

Changes v1.1:
- Some David's suggestions implemented...

Sorry guys, i try to do a wheat sheaf that double click and target in a flour mill to become flour... (4 sheaves = 1 sack of flour)... but i can't.. Then i did this script, that do something like... if you are away from a flour mill then you receive a message that says to stay near a flour mill, then if near a flour mill, each 4 sheaves will become a sack of flour in tour pack. And the sheaves need be in your pack to use.

Corn now gives ear of corn (eatable), instead of muffins!

I did it because the Harvest System 1.4 and RunUO not implemented the Wheat Sheaves or ear of corn yet, like said David. If you noticed, instead of get a wheat sheaf you get 5 bread loaf from the plant or muffins from corn plant.

Just paste and copy to Scripts/customs and if you has Harvest System, you can edit WheatCrop.cs:

find it:
Wheat crop = new Wheat( pick );
And change to:
BreadLoaf crop = new BreadLoaf( pick );

Edit the CornCrop.cs too:

find it:
Muffins crop = new Muffins();
And change to:
Corn crop = new Corn( pick );


  • Wheat.cs
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  • Corn.cs
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i am working on Ear of Corn too, cause the corn seed give Muffins (!) instead of corn. I am thinking in what i can do with ears of corn: flour too? Because there is flour of corn too. Make the corn eatable? I accept suggestions...


corn is useful


with corn and a flouer mill u can make cornmeal
and with cornmeal u can make all of these

Corn muffins
Corn bread
A bowl of corn gruel
Corn fritters
breaded fish steaks

These are just a few.
There are others that I can’t remember atm,
But most can be added using existing pictures and in game art.
If I think of more later I’ll post again.


Don't mean to bring up a dead thread, but if I didn't say thank you, then I'd just be another lurking leech. So, thank you kindly. Had the corn figured out (think I used vegetables.cs) but the wheat is a great addition. Many thanks.